Hello world!

Welcome to Dear FatFrannie! Fat people and fat acceptance believers, bring me your questions, comments, problems, suggestions, rants, vents – in the form of letters. Bring everything except weight loss, please. Let’s have some fun, and let’s try to make the world a little happier, safer and better for fat people, while we’re at it!


8 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. fatfrannie Says:

    My Dear Friends:

    This blog is the fruit of long-held hopes and dreams. A couple of years ago, a few of us were discussing the possibility of having/hosting an advice column for fat people -and I use the word “fat” as a descriptor, as one would use brown eyes or blond hair- and Fat Acceptance believers. The name that came to mind then was Dear Flabby. While I kind of liked this monicker, it seemed to echo Dear Abby just a little too closely for my tastes.

    So I thought a bit and came up with a name that includes mine and the word “fat” in the title, echoing instead a wonderful song from the 1950’s, “Short fat Fanny.” I am tall, but fat and Frannie, so the name was born…

    Feel free to write to me with any of your thoughts, suggestions, questions, complaints, ruminations, even vents, as long as you send them in letter form, more or less, to Dear FatFrannie. The address of the blog, as you can see, is https://fatfrannie.wordpress.com

    Welcome, welcome, welcome! Come one, come all, and write a short or long letter! I look greatly forward to hearing from you!

    Thrilled to be here and with you,

  2. JeanC Says:

    Good luck on the blog, will be bookmarking and checking in regularly 🙂

  3. fatfrannie Says:

    Welcome, JeanC!

    My stomach is starting to growl just seeing your name as I contemplate the wonderful recipes I have seen you posting.

    I have linked to your page/blog as well. How nice to see you here!

  4. Patsy Nevins Says:

    Congratulations on the new blog. I am looking forward to reading all your wisdom & maybe occasionally offering some of my own passion for real fat liberation & an end to “making nice” with the mainstream & the belief in “healthism” as a way to guarantee long life & health.

    Speaking of which, I was reading a new post on Body Impolitic (Laurie Toby Edison & Debbie Notkin, of “Women En Large”) about Erica Jong & some other heifer whose name escapes me discussing Colette & expressing horror that she weighed 180 pounds & even greater horror that she was still sexually attractive & had relationships. They commented that she was a gourmet who enjoyed food & concluded, in their infinite wisdom about fat/food & associated things, that Colette was not a gourmet, she was a glutton. Boy, do we have a lot to do in this revolution!

    Good to see you check in, too, Jean. I enjoy reading all about your food adventures as well. Good for you. Let’s hope we all have many more. I personally just stopped by the gourmet wine & cheese shop & treated myself to some Maytag Blue. It’s tangy, almost winey, & delicious.

    Computer permitting, Frannie, I will be back (like Arnold, but hopefully you will feel less desire to kill me.) I am a hard woman to get rid of…especially on fat & body image issues.

  5. FatFrannie Says:

    Dear Patsy,

    So good to have you along. With your years of activism in the Fat Acceptance Community, you will be an invaluable commentator, with the additional benefits of your humor and wisdom.

    Amazing that Erica Jong remains so eminently shockable about weight. I know she has been up and down the scale, so to speak. But how ironically laughable that she should be amazed that a 180-pound woman could maintain a relationship (or more than one, considering Colette), be a gourmet and enjoy life in general. Did they think she should have been punished or punishing herself instead? Do they think that women of size should keep punishing themselves?

    Welcome, Patsy!

  6. Patsy Nevins Says:

    Apparently, Jong & the other woman, who is a biographer of Colette, believe that we are supposed to spend our lives in self-flagellation, living on a diet, exercising compulsively if necessary, devoting most of our time & energy to getting & maintaining whatever is their idea of the “perfect” body, & that, if we fail, we are to be hidden away, lonely, unhappy, having no lives at all. So Jong has been up & down the scale, has she? That seems to be the life story of probably 90-95% of the women in this culture. If they are not extremely thin naturally, they spend most of their lives on a rollercoaster, wasting time & energy which could be put to much better use & oftend destroying their health.

    I was not extremely familiar with Colette, but after reading that, I did a Google search. She accomplished a great deal, it seems, & had a full life. It seems a shame to get bogged down in some inconsequential detail such as how much she weighed. BTW, as a fat woman who loved food, she also lived to be 81 years old, at a time when most people weren’t living much past 60. I would say she did just fine.

  7. Frannie Says:

    I am still amazed at how these literate, sophisticated women who used to say they were feminists have gotten bogged down in what is patently an anti-feminist ruse which keeps them worried about their images and bodies. I guess they are still worried about how it will play out for their careers? Are they afraid that some nasty agent or faschionista (spelling of this word has been changed deliberately!) will start to gossip about their weight gain, or that -heavens!- they were seen with a fat woman or women?

    Wish they’d get a clue..

    As for Colette – now I want to go back and reread her and be reminded of the time when being fat simply was not that big a deal, and look forward to the time when it won’t be, again..

  8. Patsy Nevins Says:

    I look forward to that time, too, Frannie. I think we urgently need to do all we can to make something like your fictional Fatland more of a reality. Things are getting worse in the mainstream rather than better & most of those who say that they are about “fat acceptance” are actually colluding with those who oppress us & agreeing with all the stereotyped ideas about fat & fat people. Except for a few of us enlightened & determined individuals, there really IS NO TRUE FAT ACCEPTANCE. I truly hope that we will soon be able to do something to change this situation.

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