FatFrannie replies to Upset

Dear Upset,

I can well understand and sympathize.  Somehow we fat people never know when a nasty comment is forthcoming, or why. As for why they singled you out when there are a lot of other fat women around – sounds as if you were distinctive in some way, maybe height, clothing, whatever.  Idiots always pick on people who stand out somehow.

As to what should be done:  one of two things.  See if it happens again. But if you are still angry, a letter to PATH management is in order. You may wish to ask them if they have a policy on harassment, especially of older women – since you noted elsewhere that you are over 50.  You may also wish to ask them why, if they are supposed to be guarding against terrorists and disorderly behavior, they are busy scrutinizing the figures of women over fifty instead!

I will write a sample letter for you in my next post.


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