First Letter

Well, as often occurs in these cases, my first question/problem concerns -of all people- FatFrannie! And this is why…And it now will take the form of a letter.

Dear FatFrannie,

Something kind of strange happened yesterday.  I was walking happily -or at least peacefully, considering the temperature- along in the PATH station (That’s the train that goes from North Jersey, just over the river, to New York underground – they used to call these trains the “Tubes” aeons ago..). I boarded the escalator, went down the the ticket/turnstile level as one has to do to get on the train. Suddenly, as I was approaching the turnstile, I heard two men call out rather loudly, “Big,” then “big and fat.”

I stopped in my tracks, looked around, up and down. Upstairs, on the administration level, were two men who looked like PATH workers or staff. They weoarre looking at me. It was so weird. I didn’t quite know what to do. I kept walking. Thing is, that at least a quarter of the women walking through were as  heavy or heavier than I am.

So -question is: what do I do now? Should I write a letter to PATH management? Should I not take PATH again? It is rather convenient for me, since the station I take it to is just about two and a half blocks from where I work. But I could take other means of transport, if necessary.

But also – what is going on here? Why did those men single me out? What would you say if you were me?

Upset Fat Woman in New Jersey


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