Letter to PATH

To the Management of PATH:

This concerns an incident that occurred at the Journal Square PATH Station on August 1st, at approximately 9:35 AM.

My client had gone down the main escalator and was walking toward the turnstile when suddenly she heard, quite loudly, the words “Big” and then “Big and fat” coming from above the stairs. She looked up and saw two PATH employees looking down at her.

Needless to say, my client was shocked at their behavior.  She does not know these two men and cannot understand why they would insult her. She was also concerned that if PATH employees are scrutinizing the figures of female customers -and even those over 50, since my client is 52- that potential harmdoers and yes, terrorists, were not being watched closely enough.

I am assuming that PATH has a policy regarding the harassment of female customers.  I hope that if all your employees are not yet acquainted with it, they will be educated further by PATH in the coming days.

 I have counseled my client to use other means of transportation for a couple of weeks, even though this will inconvenience her somewhat, since PATH furnished the easiest route for her to get to work.  I then said that if she was ready at the end of a couple of weeks to try PATH again, she should do so, but should watch and listen closely to see if this harassment was repeated.

I certainly hope for the sake of my client and PATH that my client of 52 years will not experience any further harassment by PATH employees when she is in the turnstile area in a couple of weeks.

Sincerely Yours,

Frannie Zellman, Advocate for the Rights of Women of Size and Older Women


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