When is enough, enough?

Dear FatFrannie,

It’s like this – you wear x, and you feel comfortable. But people snicker/snigger because it makes you look FAT, oh heavens.

So you cinch your waist in with a belt. Great – so now instead of snickering over your fat, people -mostly but not only men- are snickering over your chest. Disgusted, you take off the belt and they go back to snickering over your fat.

 What can one do about this, short of confronting cowards who snicker but are too frightened to say something to your face? 


One Response to “When is enough, enough?”

  1. fatfrannie Says:

    Well, Enough, I have two answers to you. Both call for courage.

    The first is that you can turn back, smile, and say, “I don’t know what you’re laughing at, but I love to see people being so cheerful.” ( That will probably shut them up because they’ll be embarrassed.)

    The second is that you can keep on walking. This takes an inner courage, and the knowledge that one day it will be illegal to harass someone based on their size, maybe even elevated to hate crime status. FatFrannie looks greatly forward to that one..

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