FatLand – The Early Days Chapter 1


Chapter 1

“I think it’s time,” Brenton said one lazy summer day as he emerged from the still-cold water of Lake Langtry. “How long do we have to wait? Do we wait for them to put up prisons and start weighing us in public?”

Angela looked around Camp FatandHappy.  “I hate to think of it being so – established,” she said. “We’ve been so happy here.”

“We live here year round,” Ronnie said. “We have bungalows and a dining room and a social hall for movies and plays and concerts. Our friends come to visit us. A lot of them stay. It’ll get all formal and messed up if it becomes more.”

Darren pointed to the headline in the Rocky Mountain News. “Gluttony Laws pass Congress, signed by President.” “With this,” he said, “we need more than a camp if we want to feel safe.”

“How do we go about it?” Evan said. He was now sitting up in a hammock strung between two trees near the lake.

“We get a charter,” Charla said. “From Colorado.”

All of them looked around the lake and the sand and the clear sunny sky.  “It’s so peaceful,” Angela whispered. “I wish it could just stay this way.”

“I do, too,” Brenton said. “But it can’t.  And if we want to continue to live without being hounded and hunted, we have to adapt. I believe we have to form a committee to seek the charter.”

“A name,” Evan said.  “We need a name for the committee and the charter.”

“We need to do some research first,” Charla said. “We have to figure out how to finance the charter, and the size of the parcel we are requesting, and the facilities we’ll have to build before we can create the territorial center.”

“I think we have about a week,” Ronnie said. “Two, if we’re lucky.”

“Then we’d better get busy,” Charla said.


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