FatLand – The Early Days: 2

FatLand Charter

The State of Colorado hereby grants a total of 400,000 acres to the group incorporated as FatLand Charter Group, to referred to forthwith as FatLand, standing for Fat Acceptance Territory Lease Arrangement No Date.

According to the agreement set down here, FatLand shall be developed in accordance with Colorado environmental and ecological laws.

FatLand Statement of Purpose

When a country fails to develop laws that protect more than half of its citizenship from systematic and systemic discrimination and harassment, they are justified in seeking and creating a territory in which they shall be protected from such treatment.  Accordingly we the FatLand Charter Group, to be known forthwith as FatLand, promise to provide a territory in which citizens of any size will not experience discrimination and harassment because of their size.

It shall be a crime punishable by periodic and/or permanent exile from FatLand to discriminate against or harass anyone on the basis of size.

There shall be no scales for the weighing of human beings used in any public or private facility including but not limited to police stations, hospitals, clinics, and gymnasiums.

Anyone who persists in mentioning weight or the weight of individuals shall be summoned to a FatLand court to justify this behavior.

There shall be no mandatory exercise for anyone in FatLand. Doctors, clinicians, nurses, and anyone else identified as a member of the health professions shall not prescribe such exercise. Failure to comply with this law shall result in an appearance in a FatLand Court, with exile from FatLand as the stipulated punishment for a second offense.

We however wish to establish a territory in which all people, regardless of size, are welcomed as long as they adhere to the previous stipulations.  We wish to encourage and honor the contributions of anyone of any size who aids in creating and building our territory and in making it a refuge and home for those who have been discriminated against on the basis of their size or have been harassed on the basis of their size.

We hereby sign and validate this charter accordingly. Let the territory of FatLand be created.


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