Poem: To My Grandma Helen, by Frannie Zellman


2 Responses to “Poem: To My Grandma Helen, by Frannie Zellman”

  1. fatfrannie Says:

    To My Grandma Helen (Helen Glaser, in memory, 1900-1988)

    The waning hours approach,
    when we used to play solitaire
    and you used to let me play your cards
    and we both laughed together
    at nothing special
    when neither of us could sleep.
    You kept warning me to lose weight
    and get my Ph.D.
    I kept telling you that I would get it
    in time
    but kept silent about the weight
    because I didn’t know what to say to you,
    my gently plump grandma
    whose hugs enveloped me in love
    from the day I was born.
    Nanny, as I called you,
    you did your own beautiful shape injustice
    when you harped on losing weight
    and worried about lies told by the scale.

    But you went right on preparing those amazing dinners
    until the day before you died
    as if your own mind and body knew better.

    More than eighteen years have gone by.
    When it rains before dawn I think of you
    and your wonderful softness heals me again
    even if some of your words ran contrary
    to the message your body gave.

    In these wet foggy hours
    Your fat granddaughter hugs you once more
    in thought
    and keeps missing you.

  2. fatfrannie Says:

    Same strange problem, whereby I cannot post the poem directly..

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