FatLand: The Early Days – 8

About a month later, Darren convened another special meeting.

“We’ve received an offer from ThinFoods,” he announced.


“If we give them top billing in our new supermarket, they will take only 1% of the markup.”

“Great,” Angela said. “The devil wants to deal.”

“What do you think?” Darren asked.

“I think that they should not be on any shelves of any store in FatLand,” Charla said.

“Actually we don’t have any rule against lowcal or nocal foods,” Ronnie said.

“I think we better get one then,” Brenton said.

“Why?” Darren asked.

“Local and nocal equal diet in my book,” Brenton said. “And they’re usually made of shit.”

“Let’s vote,” Angela said.

Predictably the vote split, three and three.

“Now what?” Evan said.

“We need a fourth vote,” Darren said.

“That means we need a seventh member,” Angela said.


They heard the sound of Bill Sender’s wheelchair whizzing around as he directed the building of more cabins. Turned out that before he’d fallen from a scaffold, Bill Sender had been a construction foreman. They had hastily pressed his talents into service.

“Let’s get Bill,” Brenton said.

A few minutes later Bill was wheeling himself into the meeting. “Howdy,” he said, mopping his head with a handkerchief. “Cold out, but hard work makes me sweat.”

“No problem,” Evan said. “Did someone explain what’s going on?”

“Angela did,” Bill said. “So you want me to break the tie.”

“Yep,” Darren said.

“That’s fine,” Bill said. “Then my vote is against. Forget the nocal and lo-cal goods. Bads. We don’t need them. And they’re made of sawdust.”

“Couldn’t put it better myself,” Charla said.

“You’ve got capital sense,” Bill said to her after the vote was taken officially, and the offer from ThinFoods was voted down.

“I want to go further,” Brenton said. “I would like to draft a resolution against allowing any lo-cal or no-cal foods in FatLand.”

“To me that’s like not allowing free speech,” Ronnie said.

“To me it’s like not allowing sawdust,” Bill said.

The vote was again three and three, with Bill casting the deciding fourth.

“Bravo,” he said as the results were noted. “Write away.” He then winked at Charla. “Let’s you and I take a tour of the new cabins.”

The other members snickered. “You say that to all the women,” Angela teased, but she looked on approvingly as Bill led Charla out of the social hall.

“She needs some fun, too,” Angela said.

“With Bill, she’ll get it,” Brenton said, grinning. “He knows his way around women.”

“So do you,” Angela said.


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