FatLand: The Early Days – 9

Here she comes, Miss FatLand,” Angela sang as Charla walked slowly into the dining hall, her hair touseled, her eyes bright.“Shouldn’t that be Ms. America?” Charla asked as Angela brought over a basket of muffins and a pot of coffee.
“The title was traditionally Miss,” Angela noted.

Charla took a muffin and bit into it. “Mmmm! Lemon zucchini!”

“The others are cranberry orange and blueberry cherry.”

“I’m in heaven.” Charla sipped the strong coffee with a dash of milk and one sugar.

“So?” Angela said.

“So?” Charla said, taking another bite of muffin.

“How was – I mean, what and- ?”

Charla grinned a huge Cheshire cat grin. “I am really hungry.” She devoured the rest of the muffin and reached for a cranberry orange, which she opened and spread with butter. “That’s what happens when- ”

They both heard the wheelchair rolling in. “So there you are, princess,” Bill’s strong voice rolled over to them.

“These are amazing.” Charla held up the half-finished muffin with butter.

Bill rolled up to the side of the table. Charla opened a blueberry cherry muffin, spread butter on it and handed it to him. “Thanks.” He ate, looking around the dining hall. “God, I’m hungry. That’s what you do to me.”

“Eggs ranchero,” Charla said to Angela. “Big portion so we can both have some.”

“Good idea,” she said, and went to oil the griddle. She smiled to herself as she heard Bill say, “I think I’m in heaven” and wished that Brenton would walk in just about now.


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