FatLand: The Early Days – 10

It was, however, a couple of hours before Brenton made it into the Dining Hall.

“Look at this,” Brenton said, putting a letter into Angela’s now-busy hands. It was the height of the lunch hour, and Angela, the underchefs, and their assistants were all running around the kitchen trying to get 500 orders -eat-in, take-out, and home serve- up as soon as possible.

She looked at the heading and the first few lines. “I am psychic,” she said. “Life really will be one long game of jiggle around here. How many of them are there?”

“Three hundred,” Brenton said. “And that’s just the beginning.”

“You calling a Board Meeting?”

“Three o’clock okay?”

“Should be.” He sniffed. “Something smells amazing.”

“Lobster terrine?”

“You’re so talented.” He squeezed her waist. “See you at three.”

“This is the best place for a meeting,” Bill said, putting his left arm around Charla, then letting it drop. 

“Brownies,” Angela announced, bringing in three plates full.

“See what I mean?” Bill wheeled a few feet, took a brownie, broke it in two, and gave half to Charla.

“The reason for this meeting,” Brenton announced, “is that a group called “Fat and Free” has requested permission to live here.”

“What are they?” Ronnie asked. “And why did they have to request permission?”

“Let’s put it this way,” Charla said. “As Angela said, life would indeed be one long game of jiggle.”

“What do you mean?” Evan asked.

“They’re a group of fat nudists,” Brenton said.

Everyone started to laugh. “Well,” Darren said.

“Well,” Evan said.

“Hmm,” Ronnie said, reaching for a brownie. “Is there a problem?”

“Not really,” Brenton said. “But the rest of the community may not wish to be near others who let it hang out 24/7.”

“Then give them an enclave,” Charla said. “And charge a little less for houses that encircle or neighbor it, with an explanation.”

“They could charge discrimination,” Angela said.

“Not if we tell them,” Brenton said.

“Hell,” Bill said, “why even frame it that way?  Simply write to them, tell them that they can be accommodated in an enclave, and ask if that is satisfactory. If it is, you don’t even have to get into the other stuff. If not, then meet with them and negotiate something else.”

“He’s inspired by the brownies,” Darren said, clicking the smartpod that was recording the meeting.

“Nah, he’s just inspired,” Charla said, reaching for another brownie.

“Are we all agreed that we will suggest the enclave?” Brenton asked.

“I suppose,” Angela said reluctantly. “If they don’t care, then we shouldn’t.”


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