FatLand: The Early Days – 11

As it turned out, Fat and Free were thrilled to have an enclave.

“One down,” Brenton said after negotiations were concluded with the representative of Fat and Free, who had dressed as befitted her group identification and occasioned a few polite and a few less-than-polite and way more frankly curious stares. “Next one is more difficult, but we have to deal with it now.”

“And that is?” Evan asked.

“Clinic and hospital. We’re getting a couple of bedridden folks. We have a nurse and a doctor on call, but that’s not enough.”

“How do we do that?” Charla said.

“Lord,” Bill said, “so we have to go public and incorporate.”

“That’s exactly what we have to do,” Brenton said.

“We can’t get it any other way?” Angela asked.

“Not really,” Darren said.

“No choice, sweetheart,” Brenton said, rubbing Angela’s arm, “you talented anarchist, you.”

“I knew it couldn’t last,” Angela said. “Being as free as we were.”

“Then join Fat and Free,” Darren said. “In their new enclave.”

“I should,” Angela agreed.

“Oh come on,” Brenton said. “You’re not reallly going to- ”

“I’ll have to give it some thought,” Angela said. “Might be fun to cook in my altogether.”

“You’ll have to most popular dining spot this side of the Misssissippi,” Ronnie said, winking at Evan.

“We’ll charge non-members,” Angela said. “Just to see me.”

“You know something?” Darren said. “You may just have something here. It could be a moneymaker.”

“Would we still have to incorporate?” Angela asked.

“I’m afraid so,” Brenton said.

“Then I don’t think it’s worth it,” Angela said.

Brenton looked disappointed, but said, “So be it. We shall not be seeing Angela in her natural state.”

“At least not in the kitchen,” Angela said.

Everyone laughed and eyes shifted toward Brenton, but he remained  





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