FatLand – The Early Days: 12a

A few days later, Brenton called another special meeting.

“We’re getting kids,” he said.

“Congratulations,” Ronnie said. “How many?”

“Seven,” Brenton said. “Are you going to be their mother?”

“Attached to families?” Evan asked, fondling Ronnie’s knee under the table. “We were sort of thinking in that way.”

“I know,” Brenton said with a small grin. “You’ll learn by example.”

“Kids need playgrounds and schools and toys and culture,” Charla said.

“And food,” Angela added. She brought out a plate of knishes, homemade.

“Yeah,” Darren said, biting into one. “Like this. The ones in camp were always frozen.”

“My grandma didn’t like the frozen ones either,” Angela agreed.

“Special housing needs?” Ronnie said. “I mean, for the kids.”

“We’re meeting with the parents tomorrow,” Brenton said. “Although I don’t think all of us have to be there. But maybe you and Evan would like to come. You can compare what you would like to see in housing to what they suggest.”

He wouldn’t suggest that I come, too, Angela thought, although they would have some special food needs. She said, “And what about their food needs?”

“That can be worked out later,” Brenton said, sipping his amaretto chocolate shake.

“I see,” Angela said. She went back into the kitchen and proceeded to hack five pounds of broccoli for broccoli cheese soup.

Some people hack wood when they are angry, she thought. I hack broccoli.


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