FatLand: The Early Days – 13

When they were talking among themselves after the meeting with the families, Ronnie clapped a hand to her head and said, “What happens if there are thin kids? It happens.”

“Take it further,” Angela said. “What happens if there are thin people?”

“Would they be thin spouses or just thin people on their own?” Darren asked.

“Either. Or.”

“My grandmother was plump,” Evan said. “Grandpa was thin.”

“Yeah, it does happen,” Charla said. “So what do we do?”

“You know,” Angela said, pouring hot chocolate into mugs, “I think we might actually have to take it on faith that the thin people are size acceptors. Because if you imply that they’re not, that’s discrimination. And we don’t want that here.”

“We can simply put it in as an addition to our  constitution.”  Brenton took a sip of hot chocolate. “All those who honor and embrace our ideals of size acceptance are welcome here.” See? We don’t even have to mention size or anything else. That says it.”

“Yes, it does,” Angela agreed, somewhat surprised but pleased by Brenton’s grasp of the nuances of the situation.

“There’s one thing though,” Ronnie said. “We’re going to have to take special care to enforce the non-discrimination policy in schools and also make sure bullyism doesn’t take root there.”

“Why should we worry that much about it?” Charla said. “There wouldn’t be anyone to bully.”

“I’m talking about if there are thin kids,” Ronnie said. “We don’t want any reverse discrimination rearing its ugly head.”

“We’ve got to make sure to hold training sessions,” Brenton said, making a note in his e-notebook. “That’s a very important thought, Ron.”

Ronnie looked pleased.

Angela took a sip of the hot chocolate and spooned dollops of whipped cream onto the tops of the newly-poured mugs of it.  “Whatever we do,” she said, almost to herself, “let’s let them be kids and not worry about stuff too much.”

“That’s the idea,” Brenton said in a reassuring tone. 



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