FatLand: The Early Days – 14

A few days later Brenton called another meeting.

“I have here in my hand,” he said, “a proposal for a gym. Guy wants to start one here. I asked him if he had in mind to put a gym specifically in FatLand or near it. Either way I didn’t want him to start without understanding what we’re about.”

“Special needs,” Bill said. He was back from supervising the building of new houses in the northernmost quadrant of FatLand. He held hands with Charla unabashedly.

“Yes,” Brenton said, “but it’s also philosophical. He has to understand that we’re not interested in weight loss schemes. If he wants to provide a means and medium for people to exercise, fine. But we get plenty of that on our own.”

“Are we allowed to tell him that?” Angela  asked.

“You mean, are  we allowed to tell him politely that we don’t want his establishment anywhere near FatLand?” Brenton said, now grinning.


“Come with me to the meeting, then,” Brenton said. “Should be interesting to begin with. With you there, it will be twice as interesting.”

“I am proud to be interesting,” Angela said.

“That you are,” Darren said.


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