Dear Patsy (emergency)

I was sick yesterday, so was not accessing email and such. I sure hope you can read this, at least!!

I have been supporting Sandy in the messages she has been posting to fatso. Let everyone know that all thisthis healthist stuff is simply hype and marketing. Of course many of them in their hearts know this, but refuse to believe it because healthism is like a religion to them – genuflect at the feet of the food god, and he/she/it will reward you with long life and good health, right? 😛

Hope you can access your emails soon! And hope you were able to get out yesterday..I was sick, but the sound of the autumn winds shivered through me and acted like a tonic…

Hugs, Frannie 


2 Responses to “Dear Patsy (emergency)”

  1. Patsy Nevins Says:

    Dear Frannie,

    Thanks for getting back to me. Kate is supposed to come over tomorrow & maybe she can help me. Maybe something is wrong with my browser, but I don’t know how to fix anything on this thing.

    Today is gorgeous autumn weather & I walked over two hours today. As Sandy would tell me, that is MORE than enough for one day. I probably walked about an hour & 15 minutes yesterday, so I need to watch myself for joint damage.

    I am doing my best too at the Cafe, trying to be a voice of reason & sanity & support the good work Sandy does & the truth she tells. Unfortunately, far too many people are listening to the crap from people like Linda BACON (you KNOW she never touches the stuff) & that utter idiot Jamie Oliver. I tried watching his show on the Food Network once or twice when he was on there & found him annoying as hell. I was talking about this stuff to a lady who works the deli counter at the supermarket this morning. She has waited on me at various markets over the years for well over 30 years. I bought some cold cuts, macaroni & cheese loaf, which has been a favorite since childhood & told her that it is getting harder to find it anywhere. I said probably some stores stopped carrying it because so many people are so scared about their “health” & so afraid of food that they won’t buy it. She nodded & agreed, said, “It’s really getting ridiculous.”

    Well, if I cannot figure out this glitch myself (Ken said I probably need to update Internet Explorer), maybe Kate can. Take care & feel better soon. I will be in touch as I can.



  2. Patsy Nevins Says:

    I am just leaving another note here, Frannie, as this thing is doing it again. I am unable to access ANY email account. I can open Outlook Express, so I did read the last mail you sent, as it somehow got transferred there. However, when I wrote a reply, even though at the top of the mail it had my correct peoplepc address, I got a message that it could not be sent because they could not connect to netzero. And here I thought I removed all the Netzero stuff from the computer! Anyway, hope to talk to you more soon.

    Happy New Year!



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