FatLand: The Early Days – 18

“The way to hell is fraught with good intentions,” Angela intoned as the meeting began.

“You don’t think that is a mite prejudicial?” Brenton said, gently mocking.

“Maybe it is,” Angela said. “But so what? It may save us.”

“Oh come on,” Brenton said. “He’s not the devil.”

“He’s worse,” Angela said. “He’s the devil without that intense reverse morality. He is completely amoral.”

“This is all very interesting,” Darren said. “But let’s begin the meeting.”

Charla said, “I was hoping that we’d wait for Bill.”

“Yeah,” Angela agreed. “I kinda thought he’d be there. But maybe he’ll come in. He was up in the North quadrant again. They’re getting the first snow of the season.”

“We should all go,” Charla said. “Okay, let’s start the meeting.”

“We are convening this meeting at the request of Brenton and Angela to consider the offer of a third party, namely Winston Stark, to provide funding for intrastructural items including roads, electricity, buildings, trash disposal, and others, in exchange for permission to erect a fitness-oriented gymnasium in an area within five miles of the border of FatLand.”

“So he really does want our souls in exchange,” Ronnie whispered not too softly.



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