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FatLand: The Early Days – 12

September 12, 2006

A few days later, Brenton called another special meeting.

“We’re getting kids,” he said.

“Congratulations,” Ronnie said. “How many?”

“Seven,” Brenton said. “Are you going to be their mother?”

“Attached to families?” Evan asked, fondling Ronnie’s knee un 


FatLand: The Early Days – 11

September 8, 2006


calm and purposeful as he opened a folder and turned a page.

FatLand: The Early Days – 11

September 8, 2006

As it turned out, Fat and Free were thrilled to have an enclave.

“One down,” Brenton said after negotiations were concluded with the representative of Fat and Free, who had dressed as befitted her group identification and occasioned a few polite and a few less-than-polite and way more frankly curious stares. “Next one is more difficult, but we have to deal with it now.”

“And that is?” Evan asked.

“Clinic and hospital. We’re getting a couple of bedridden folks. We have a nurse and a doctor on call, but that’s not enough.”

“How do we do that?” Charla said.

“Lord,” Bill said, “so we have to go public and incorporate.”

“That’s exactly what we have to do,” Brenton said.

“We can’t get it any other way?” Angela asked.

“Not really,” Darren said.

“No choice, sweetheart,” Brenton said, rubbing Angela’s arm, “you talented anarchist, you.”

“I knew it couldn’t last,” Angela said. “Being as free as we were.”

“Then join Fat and Free,” Darren said. “In their new enclave.”

“I should,” Angela agreed.

“Oh come on,” Brenton said. “You’re not reallly going to- ”

“I’ll have to give it some thought,” Angela said. “Might be fun to cook in my altogether.”

“You’ll have to most popular dining spot this side of the Misssissippi,” Ronnie said, winking at Evan.

“We’ll charge non-members,” Angela said. “Just to see me.”

“You know something?” Darren said. “You may just have something here. It could be a moneymaker.”

“Would we still have to incorporate?” Angela asked.

“I’m afraid so,” Brenton said.

“Then I don’t think it’s worth it,” Angela said.

Brenton looked disappointed, but said, “So be it. We shall not be seeing Angela in her natural state.”

“At least not in the kitchen,” Angela said.

Everyone laughed and eyes shifted toward Brenton, but he remained  




FatLand: The Early Days – 10

September 6, 2006

It was, however, a couple of hours before Brenton made it into the Dining Hall.

“Look at this,” Brenton said, putting a letter into Angela’s now-busy hands. It was the height of the lunch hour, and Angela, the underchefs, and their assistants were all running around the kitchen trying to get 500 orders -eat-in, take-out, and home serve- up as soon as possible.

She looked at the heading and the first few lines. “I am psychic,” she said. “Life really will be one long game of jiggle around here. How many of them are there?”

“Three hundred,” Brenton said. “And that’s just the beginning.”

“You calling a Board Meeting?”

“Three o’clock okay?”

“Should be.” He sniffed. “Something smells amazing.”

“Lobster terrine?”

“You’re so talented.” He squeezed her waist. “See you at three.”

“This is the best place for a meeting,” Bill said, putting his left arm around Charla, then letting it drop. 

“Brownies,” Angela announced, bringing in three plates full.

“See what I mean?” Bill wheeled a few feet, took a brownie, broke it in two, and gave half to Charla.

“The reason for this meeting,” Brenton announced, “is that a group called “Fat and Free” has requested permission to live here.”

“What are they?” Ronnie asked. “And why did they have to request permission?”

“Let’s put it this way,” Charla said. “As Angela said, life would indeed be one long game of jiggle.”

“What do you mean?” Evan asked.

“They’re a group of fat nudists,” Brenton said.

Everyone started to laugh. “Well,” Darren said.

“Well,” Evan said.

“Hmm,” Ronnie said, reaching for a brownie. “Is there a problem?”

“Not really,” Brenton said. “But the rest of the community may not wish to be near others who let it hang out 24/7.”

“Then give them an enclave,” Charla said. “And charge a little less for houses that encircle or neighbor it, with an explanation.”

“They could charge discrimination,” Angela said.

“Not if we tell them,” Brenton said.

“Hell,” Bill said, “why even frame it that way?  Simply write to them, tell them that they can be accommodated in an enclave, and ask if that is satisfactory. If it is, you don’t even have to get into the other stuff. If not, then meet with them and negotiate something else.”

“He’s inspired by the brownies,” Darren said, clicking the smartpod that was recording the meeting.

“Nah, he’s just inspired,” Charla said, reaching for another brownie.

“Are we all agreed that we will suggest the enclave?” Brenton asked.

“I suppose,” Angela said reluctantly. “If they don’t care, then we shouldn’t.”

FatLand: The Early Days – 9

September 5, 2006

Here she comes, Miss FatLand,” Angela sang as Charla walked slowly into the dining hall, her hair touseled, her eyes bright.“Shouldn’t that be Ms. America?” Charla asked as Angela brought over a basket of muffins and a pot of coffee.
“The title was traditionally Miss,” Angela noted.

Charla took a muffin and bit into it. “Mmmm! Lemon zucchini!”

“The others are cranberry orange and blueberry cherry.”

“I’m in heaven.” Charla sipped the strong coffee with a dash of milk and one sugar.

“So?” Angela said.

“So?” Charla said, taking another bite of muffin.

“How was – I mean, what and- ?”

Charla grinned a huge Cheshire cat grin. “I am really hungry.” She devoured the rest of the muffin and reached for a cranberry orange, which she opened and spread with butter. “That’s what happens when- ”

They both heard the wheelchair rolling in. “So there you are, princess,” Bill’s strong voice rolled over to them.

“These are amazing.” Charla held up the half-finished muffin with butter.

Bill rolled up to the side of the table. Charla opened a blueberry cherry muffin, spread butter on it and handed it to him. “Thanks.” He ate, looking around the dining hall. “God, I’m hungry. That’s what you do to me.”

“Eggs ranchero,” Charla said to Angela. “Big portion so we can both have some.”

“Good idea,” she said, and went to oil the griddle. She smiled to herself as she heard Bill say, “I think I’m in heaven” and wished that Brenton would walk in just about now.

FatLand: The Early Days – 9

September 5, 2006

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A Theory

September 5, 2006

Dear FatFrannie,

This is not an advice letter, but a thought.

 People have asked me why the prejudice against fat people, especially fat women, seems to have risen so sharply these days. Believe it or not, I have a theory about this.

These days people are seeing more media images and fewer actual people!! Think about it. What do people do with their time? They’re at some computer or other. They only see people at work. Then they commute. When they get home they turn on the TV or another computer or both. What and who do they see? Women in commercials. So they end up seeing way more media airbrushed anorectics than actual women. What happens? The actual women start to appear abnormal, although they are much more the “norm” than the airbrushed anorectics. Ditto anyone who doesn’t quite look like the made-up media people whether on TV or in other media.

Everything visual becomes distorted, including the worldviews of many or most people. That is also why George Bush could get away with repeating..oh, don’t get me started.

 This theory is sort of McLuhan turned on his head. The medium is not the message at all; the megacorporations are the message, and what they churn into the media reinforces their messages.

So what do you think, Frannie?:)

FatLand: The Early Days – 9

September 3, 2006

Okay, something is seriously wrong here. I lost the entire entry. I am going to see what is going on.

Freezing In The Sun

September 2, 2006

FatLand: The Early Days – 8

September 1, 2006

About a month later, Darren convened another special meeting.

“We’ve received an offer from ThinFoods,” he announced.


“If we give them top billing in our new supermarket, they will take only 1% of the markup.”

“Great,” Angela said. “The devil wants to deal.”

“What do you think?” Darren asked.

“I think that they should not be on any shelves of any store in FatLand,” Charla said.

“Actually we don’t have any rule against lowcal or nocal foods,” Ronnie said.

“I think we better get one then,” Brenton said.

“Why?” Darren asked.

“Local and nocal equal diet in my book,” Brenton said. “And they’re usually made of shit.”

“Let’s vote,” Angela said.

Predictably the vote split, three and three.

“Now what?” Evan said.

“We need a fourth vote,” Darren said.

“That means we need a seventh member,” Angela said.


They heard the sound of Bill Sender’s wheelchair whizzing around as he directed the building of more cabins. Turned out that before he’d fallen from a scaffold, Bill Sender had been a construction foreman. They had hastily pressed his talents into service.

“Let’s get Bill,” Brenton said.

A few minutes later Bill was wheeling himself into the meeting. “Howdy,” he said, mopping his head with a handkerchief. “Cold out, but hard work makes me sweat.”

“No problem,” Evan said. “Did someone explain what’s going on?”

“Angela did,” Bill said. “So you want me to break the tie.”

“Yep,” Darren said.

“That’s fine,” Bill said. “Then my vote is against. Forget the nocal and lo-cal goods. Bads. We don’t need them. And they’re made of sawdust.”

“Couldn’t put it better myself,” Charla said.

“You’ve got capital sense,” Bill said to her after the vote was taken officially, and the offer from ThinFoods was voted down.

“I want to go further,” Brenton said. “I would like to draft a resolution against allowing any lo-cal or no-cal foods in FatLand.”

“To me that’s like not allowing free speech,” Ronnie said.

“To me it’s like not allowing sawdust,” Bill said.

The vote was again three and three, with Bill casting the deciding fourth.

“Bravo,” he said as the results were noted. “Write away.” He then winked at Charla. “Let’s you and I take a tour of the new cabins.”

The other members snickered. “You say that to all the women,” Angela teased, but she looked on approvingly as Bill led Charla out of the social hall.

“She needs some fun, too,” Angela said.

“With Bill, she’ll get it,” Brenton said, grinning. “He knows his way around women.”

“So do you,” Angela said.