FatLand: The Early Days – 22

Bill was away for a week.

During  that week Charla was alternately elated and miserable. Elated, because she saw how much Bill was missed by so many people.  Miserable, because she missed him more and did not hear from him. She wondered halfway through if she should start flirting with someone else, then gave up the thought.

When Bill did come back, he called a meeting of the Board immediately.

“Good to have you back,” Brendan said.

“Good to be back,” Bill said. “Not a pleasant place these days, Eastern Colorado.”

“What did you learn?” Angela asked.

“Too much.  I’m about to spill it. Is everyone here?”

“Almost,” Ronnie said. “Charla’s on her way.”

“What’s taking her so long?” Bill asked.

“I think she wants to look nice,” Angela said.

“For me?”



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