FatLand: The Early Days – 25

The following day Brenton met with the rest of the Board.

“Bill has prepared a report on potential funding for our diner project,” he announced. “From now on it will be called The Laurels.  Two people from FatandProud are starting a shell corporation with their husbands.  This shell corporation is called “Fleshers, Inc.”

Everyone laughed.  “So when will the Laurels get underway?” Charla asked. “And what will Stark do when he sees it near his gym?”

“Resort to something sneaky, I am sure,” Bill said, grinning. “We have to be his equal and ready to resort to something equally sneaky.”

“Such as?” Angela said.

“Let’s just say that targeting people as they come from Complete Fitness may not be out of the question.”

“You mean right after they get out of Complete Fitness, where they supposedly went to try to lose weight, we hand them flyers advertising rice and tapioca pudding?” Ronnie said.

“And chocolate mud pies,” Bill said.

“And black forest cake,” Darren said.

“This is fiendish,” Evan said.

“Ain’t it just, though,” Bill said, his grin becoming Mephistophelian.

“I like having you on our side,” Charla said to him, squeezing his hand.

“Thank goodness we have him on our side,” Angela said.  “We’d be in trouble if we didn’t.”


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