FatLand: The Early Days – 27

At the meeting, Angela said, “I know we can’t exactly create an instant downtown, but we do need one.”

 Brenton said, “You don’t create a downtown. You sort of get one when and as you need it.”

“Then think of it this way, ” Charla said. “Let’s start to put in a few things we need anyway, like stores and a concert hall.  If it turns into a downtown, so be it.”

“Is Bill around?” Darren asked Charla.

“He’ll be back this afternoon. He was looking at a new development in the south quadrant.”

But when afternoon came, Bill was nowhere to be found. As afternoon drifted into evening, Charla became concerned.

“That is so not like him,” she observed to Angela as Angela oversaw the assemblage of scallops newburg and a vegetable terrine.

“He’ll be back soon,” Angela assured her, though a bit uneasy herself. “He probably got held up by some questions or some glitch.”

“That must be it,” Charla agreed.

“Here,” Angela said, picking up a tray. “Have a cheese and mushroom canape.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Charla said and put one in her mouth. “Mmmmm.” She took another. “I hope you have more.”

“Loads,” Angela said. “And please don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll be back. He never misses our dinner.”

“True,”Charla agreed.


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