FatLand: The Early Days – 27

When nightfall came, Bill still hadn’t shown up.

The Board kept looking at Charla, then at each otther.

“I know this was supposed to be about getting a few amenities associated with a downtown,” Brenton said, “but I think our focus has shifted.  So. Let’s have suggestions as to what we should do about Bill.”

“I was going to say call the police,” Ronnie said. “But then I remembered how the police used to treat us.”

“Some of them were okay,” Charla said. “Some weren’t. It depended.”

“Sorry,” Angela said, “but I still remember when they used to call me big, fat, ugly behind my back.”

Darren said, “As distasteful as it may seem, they may be our only recourse. Who else would be able totrack down someone in the mountains that way?”

Angela sighed. “You may be right. What do you think, Evan?”

“I think we should call them, or get someone to call them. How about FatandProud? We should get in touch with them too to see if there is something else we might not know.”

“Good idea,” Brenton agreed.

“You know,”Angela said, “I’ll get in touch with them first.  Maybe they can advise us as to whether we can call the police also, or call them for us, or know which ones we should work with.”

“Is that a resolution?” Brenton asked. “Would you like to make it one?”

“Be it resolved,” Angela said, “that I shall get in touch with FatandProud with the objective of obtaining their advice as to whether the police should be called, and if so, which section should be called.”

“Second,” Charla said.

“Hands,” Brenton said.

All hands went up.

“So be it,” Brenton said. “Angela shall contact FatandProud to get advice on calling the police and anything else they feel should be done.”

“And,” he added, “I know we had the amenities item on our agenda, but I think that we’ll get to that  tomorrow.”

As the meeting adjourned, Angela said to Charla, “Do you want to come to my bunk for tonight?”

“I’d better stay here,” Charla said. “In case there’s a phone call or something.”

“I know how you feel,” Angela said. “I’ll be around if you need to talk.”



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