FatLand: The Early Days – 28

This is surreal, Angela thought as she met Francis and Bellea outside the brand new Laurels Diner.

She said to them, “Do the guards at the Colorado border always hold your passport for ages?”

“Depends,” Francis said. “So what do you think of our diner?”

“Looks splendid, actually.  I don’t see Stark’s gym anywhere around, though.”

“We don’t, either,” Bellea said. “Just as well.”

“I wonder what he’s waiting for,” Angela said. “Hey, is this place actually open?”

“Open and running,” Francis said. “Try the mud pie with whipped cream.”

“Try the brown betty with caramel sauce,” Bellea said.

“If I ate either of those now, I’d get high,” Angela said. But she ordered the strawberry cake sherbet delight.

“We don’t know what happened to Bill,” she said. “He was in a quadrant supervising and then…”

“Are you sure he’s not in FatLand?” Francis asked. She ordered the rum raisin bread pudding with amaretto cream..


“What makes you think he might be here?”

“He had some former connections with Stark.”

“Aha,” Francis said. “In that case, there is a possibility that he may be in Rocky End.”

“Is that an amusement park or a sea resort?”

“Hahahah,” Bellea laughed. “Closer  to the former.”

“Where, exactly?”

“Mountains. On your eastern side, actually.”

“So you think Bill may be there?”


“Do you think – ?” Angela hesitated.

“He’s probably not in any physical danger,” Francis said.

“What other kind of danger would there be?” Angela asked.

“That depends,” Francis said.


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