FatLand: The Early Days – 30

“Anything you can do to help, we value,” Angela said. “Including suggestions. Would you hire someone private from Colorado?”

“Yes,” Francis said.  “But I would also advise you not to ask him to try to spring Bill, if he is being held. Just find out where he is, and basically if he is all right.”

“Absolutely,” Bellea agreed.

“I value your understanding,” Angela said. “But if there were a way to get him out?”

“What are you going to do?” Francis said. “Create your own army?”

“You know, we never talked about that,” Angela said. “We have a few border agents who serve in the capacity of police, but we never thought of defense or armies or such. We didn’t think we’d need them. Now I wonder.”

“It wouldn’t help in this case anyway,” Bellea said. Her soft brown eyes looked troubled. “And that kind of discussion would be more likely to divide than to help or unite.”

“You are so right,” Angela said. “And so wise.  I can’t convince you to come to FatLand, but I do appreciate your suggestions. I’ll take them to the Board.” She sighed. “I guess you’re all right as long as you can keep eating here.”

“We grease the right palms,” Francis said. “Everyone wants a yummy meal and dessert, even though a lot of it is forbidden.”

“For skinny people too?”

“They can show cause. We can’t. But they still have to keep to the weekly allowance of fat and sugar if they don’t get some kind of note.”

“I’m surprised they haven’t sent officers and cameras in here.”

“Are you kidding?” Francis said. “Officers are one of our mainstays. They love it here.  No one sees them and they get to chow down.”

“Wonderful arrangement,” Angela said.

“You bet,” Bellea agreed. 


2 Responses to “FatLand: The Early Days – 30”

  1. Patsy Nevins Says:

    This is getting really good, Frannie. I hope they get Bill back soon. 🙂 I do hope, though, that this country will not really reach the point it is at in your book…but who knows?

  2. Frannie Says:

    The scary thing, dear Patsy, is that I wouldn’t put it past Big Health to do exactly that, if they could – ration amounts of fat and sugar.

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