FatLand: The Early Days – 31

Angela dutifully relayed the advice given by Francis and Bellea when she returned to FatLand. But she could see Charla wasn’t exactly pleased.

“What do you suggest we do?” she asked Charla.

“Hire the detective. Let him tell us at least if he’s okay before anything else.”

“I’ll second that,” Evan said.

The motion was voted on and approved.

“We’ve got a concert hall in progress and another restaurant,” Brenton said. “Or rather we did, when- ” He stopped as he saw Charla’s face.

“I’m sorry, hon,” he said, and offered his handkerchief.

“Thanks,” Charla said, accepting it.

“Now that’s chivalry,” Angela said. “You don’t find that these days.”

Charla dried her eyes and tried to smile.

If I cried, Angela thought, would he offer me a hanky, too?


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