FatLand: The Early Days – 37

“Help me,” Charla said to Angela the next day.  They were both washing mushrooms for dinner meals. Since Bill’s disappearance, Charla had taken to helping Angela with the Restaurant meals.  There  were, as Angela pointed out, numerous underchefs to take care of preparation, but she knew that Charla found the tasks therapeutic. And she liked having her around, anyway.

“I think of songs,” Charla said. “That’s the first thing. We “Oconvert a few and write others. All about everyone being equal regardless of ethicity or religion or gender or size.”

“That’s certainly a good beginning,” Angela agreed. She put the bin of washed mushrooms on the counter near the sink and waited for Charla to finish hers.  “They’re going to become steak and mushrooms en croute,” Angela confided. “With caramelized onions on the side.”

“That’s almost as inspiring as a song,” Charla said. “Hey, we can do something with food, too.  Talk about how food is good and eating is good. Poor kids, they probably feel guilty about that, too.”

“I sure did, when I was young,” Angela said. “I’d wait until all the other kids were eating.  Then I’d go off to the bathroom and eat my ice cream cone.  That was so they wouldn’t call me names. Even though more than half of them were eating ice cream, too.”

“My God,” Charla said. “You’re bringing back so much. We have to make sure they don’t have those horrible food issues that plagued us.  How could I have forgotten?”

“In a way it’s good that you forgot a little,” Angela said.  “Shows that there’s hope for people to live happily even after a youth of being hated and tortured for your size.  Our job is to make sure that that never happens to them.”

“We should have cooking classes and make them lots of fun, then,” Charla said. “So they continue to associate food with good things and pleasure, rather than something they have to sneak.”

“Absolutely,” Angela agreed. “And I know I can send people over to help with that.”


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