FatLand: The Early Days – 45

Fascinated by what Charla was trying to accomplish, Margaret stayed for the entire PTA meeting, especially pleased at the fat-positive wordfinding exercises she had the attendees do at hte end.

But, she thought as she and her staffer got into the car, the next challenge will be to try those exercises on the kids and see if they help.

“We can write this up tomorrow,” she said to Janine, who was making some notes on her smartpod. “Right now I’m just glad we came.”

“So am I,” Janine said.  “I think we can- ” She stopped as Margaret’s podphone began to beep.

Margaret scrolled down to get the text message.

Charming, it read, but they’ll never get people in Fatland to think positively about themselves. It’s not in the genes.

Margaret searched for the podsignature, found it at the bottom of the message – “Winstark” in flowing, almost spidery letters.

“Whatever is or isn’t in the genes,” she wrote, “acceptance of one’s body seems a whole lot better than self-hatred.”

A minute passed. Her podphone beeped again. “That would take generations of work, and even by then, they couldn’t be sure.”

“That’s what we’re about here,” she scrolled back. “Generations.  We have the pride and the patience to wait and yet to work at the same time.  We know that much of what we work for will only come into its own after we’re dead.  But a happy healthy proud FatLand is worth any amount of effort.”

“You’re so beautiful,” the next message came rather quickly.   “Why do you have to work hard for anything?”

“I had to work for everything after a certain Mr. Winston Stark left me exhausted, angry and dirty,” Margaret said.  “I don’t want to repeat that scene – ever!”

The person on the other end seemed to shy away, even as the night lights and inner lights went on.all around and inside the car.  “Dirty trick, Win,”she clicked. “I don’t know what your agenda is with people here, but you’re not going to get very far.”

“I don’t want to get very far with them,” the scroll read. “Only with you.”


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