FatLand: The Early Days – 49

It was easy and natural in a way to remain active during the day, Charla thought. It was also easy to fool people into believing that you were all right and that everything in general was okay.

But during the night, the charade came undone, and the hollowness returned.

She kept remembering his voice, soothing as maple syrup, and his smile, which had quickened her blood every time she saw it.  She remembered how it began in his eyes, which could turn merry and angry so quickly, but which usually reverted to merry.

She remembered his easy, amused drawl, and the way he looked at her as she took off her clothes. She remembered his whispers, urging her, and his moans.

Angela was away.  Ronnie and Evan were expecting and thus in no condition to soothe or give advice.

Almost out of the blue, but not quite, she thought of Margaret, who was now back from following Angela.

With a slight amount of embarrassment she dialed the number. “Margaret?” she said. “This is Charla.  I guess it’s a little late, but- ”

“Late,” Margaret said, “is after midnight. It’s not even 11 PM yet.”

“Glad you feel that way,” Charla said. “Are you busy with something now?”

“I just stopped being busy about five minutes ago.  What’s on your mind?”

“Bill.  As I guess you know.”

“Not surprising.  You’re wondering if there’s something you can do.”



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