FatLand: The Early Days – 50

“Since I have an idea as to where he is,” Margaret said, “I’d be happy to tell you about it and see how possible it would be for you to see him there.”

“See him there?   I want him back here.”

“Of course,” Margaret said, “but what if ?”

“Why shouldn’t it be possible?”

“You see,” Margaret said, sighing,” I think I know  who we’re dealing with here.”

“You mean he would want Bill to stay there? Indefinitely?”

“Well, Bill has a lot of talents,” Margaret said, not adding that Bill was also the person who knew the kind of statistics that Stark would most covet.

“But it’s not only that,” she went on.  “It’s more that Stark will offer him something he could only get there.”

“Have you been to this place?”

“I sure have.”


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