FatLand: The Early Days II – 2

The gate trellis was worked in flowers, no matter the season.

The sign spelled out in jewel-like colors, “Shanda – A PlaySpace for Adults Only.”

Evan and Ronnie smiled at the person on duty. “Jus the free space today, Sheila,” Evan said.

She smiled and waved them through.

Shanda, also on Nevins Street, was becoming a hit with people who lived near downtown. Even at one month, it was one of the most visited venues in all of FatLand.

Shanda had four levels – the free space, which featured swings, whirlarounds -those swing-like rides that are run by people turning them- , seesaws, and slides. There were higher and lower slides, as well as higher and lower seesaws.

The second and third levels of Shanda were devoted to more strenuous and thrilling rides, all electronically run.

The fourth level was geared to something even the Other Side didn’t have yet – erotic rides.  These cost more, but paid for themselves because corporations often paid for their staff and clientele to meet and partake of the rides and other attractions on this level.  There was a rumor that some Other Siders were sneaking into FatLand specifically to go to Shanda, but Evan and Ronnie dismissed this rumor because they knew exactly how difficult it was to get into FatLand from the Other Side.

They knew because they were the ones who haed drafted the Safety and Immigration Laws.

Today, they seated themselves on the swings in Level One, in the Free Space.

“I keep wondering what happened to Charla,” Ronnie said. “I miss her.”

“We all miss her,” Evan said.

“Angela kept looking,” Ronnie said.

“I think she left to try to find Bill.”

“Yes, most of us think that. I guess.”

“It’s so peaceful here in the early afternoon,” Evan said. “I could just sit here for hours.”

“By then it will be crowded,” Evan said.

“I guess we should go over our proposal,” Ronnie said.

“Yes,” Evan agreed, shifting around to face her.

Ronnie took out her smartPod and read:  “Motion to replace Charla with another member of the Board. ”

“I’m sorry that it has to be done,” she said when she finished. “But it’s been six months. We need twelve people now, not six. And Margaret deserves it.”

“None more,” Evan agreed. “And I’m sure most people will see it that way. Everyone, actually.” 


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