FatLand: The Early Days II – 3

Margaret put on a cream-colored suit with a light pink blouse.   She looked at herself with satisfaction in the mirror.  It was the first time in years that she had even looked in the mirror.

She had felt for so long that the world was experiencing a serious case of schizophrenia in judging its fat women.  Here was Stark, on the one hand, all but kidnapping her -and he almost did, in many ways- so she would sleep with him.  And in other places, at other times, men sneered if she even came within five feet of them.  Then again, there were those who didn’t sneer.

As she put on lipstick and foundation, and then eyeliner and mascara, she thought, gee, hope thye don’t think I’m being too obvious or forward. Then again, if she couldn’t be a little forward here, where could she be?

Someone had told her about a new place called Shanda, where adults actually could go on swings and seesaws and a whole lot of other more complex rides.


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