FatLand: The Early Days – 4

Margaret thought that having a playground for adults was such a wonderful idea that she was surprised no one on the Other Side had thought of it.  Then again they weren’t much into having fun on the Other Side these days.  Along with tasty food, most fun seemed to have been outlawed for one reason or another.

Why were some people, especially leaders,  so threatened by fun? Margaret wondered.

She arrived at the Board Meeting to see the ten other members seated and obviously awaiting her.

“Margaret,” Brenton greeted her. “Good to see you. Have a seat.” He gestured to the twelfth chair near the desk.

Greatly cheered, since the twelfth chair was near all of the other board members, she started to take the seat, only to hear one of the members say, “Brenton, isn’t this a little premature? After all, she hasn’t been voted in yet.”

“And you needn’t worry,” she heard herself saying. “I’ll spare you the trouble.”

With that, Margaret flounced out of the room and back into the early spring night, anger spurring her steps.


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