FatLand: The Early Days – 5

There I go again, Margaret thought, quickly regretful. With my red-headed temper..
“Margaret,” she heard Angela’s voice. “Come on back here. We need you.”

She walked back in slowly. “I didn’t think you’d be back yet,” she said to Angela. “I thought you were still on tour.”
“I got back yesterday,” Angela said. “Especially for this meeting. Especially to elect you.”
“And I messed it up,” Margaret said. “Oh god, I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry,” Angela said. “Just have a seat.”
Drew Harris, the member who had protested, started to stand. Angela raised her eyebrows and looked at Brenton, who looked back at her.
Drew sat down.

“Let us continue with the proceedings,” Brenton said as if nothing had happened. “The first item on our agenda tonight is to elect a new member of the Board. According to our rules, Margaret Clancy has been proposed by two members, and we find her qualifications in order. A three-quarters majority is needed to elect with overwhelming consent, a two-thirds majority is needed to elect with strong consent, while a simply majority will elect a member with consent. I therefore move to start the proceedings to elect Margaret Clancy to this Board. Do I hear a second?”

“Second,” Ronnie said.

“Since there is a second, we may proceed. Ms. Clancy, you are entitled to have one member of the Board speak for you and then to speak for yourself. Would you like to avail yourself of this opportunity?”

“I would like to speak for myself,” Margaret said, finding courage. “And- ”

“And I would like to speak for her,” Angela said.

“Be it noted then that Margaret will speak on her own behalf, followed by Angela, who will speak on Margaret’s behalf. Margaret?”

Margaret stood up.


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