FatLand: The Early Days II – 6

Bill looked out on another sunny cold early spring morning from the White Room as he ate breakfast. He had soaked and swum in a giant jacuzzi and whirlpool for half an hour before, followed by stretching exercises and very hard massages.

He was now able to move both legs.  He could still hardly believe it. He continued to munch on a bagel with cream cheese, lox and tomato as Stark came into the room.

“Great smoked salmon, isn’t it?” Stark said.  “We fly it in from Norway with the gjettost cheese.”

“It sure is,” Bill said, taking a sip of strong and excellent coffee.

“I’ve some plans for you to go over,” Stark said. “Just take a look at the blueprints. And tell me what you think of the placement of the equipment as well.” I want to cover every state with Total Fitness ceneters. And this one, especially.”

“Sure,” Bill said, trying to figure out Stark’s angle.

As if he had heard Bill asking, Stark said, “It’s simple, really. If enough people go to Total Fitness Centers, they become slimmer or at least engaged in the system. The key would be for me to get to FatLand people with mandated exercise programs, since they can’t diet. But that may be far in the future.  They’re pretty hardline there now.”

“But they’re just an itty bitty corner,” Bill said. “Why do you care what they do or don’t do?”

“Because of who is there now.”

“And that is?”

“Her name is Margaret,” Stark said, “and I won’t discuss her in detail yet.”

“Up to you,” Bill said. “I’ll have a look at those plants when you’re ready.”


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