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FatLand: The Early Days II – 7

February 22, 2007

Darren punched the numbers into his smartpod.

It just didn’t add up.

There had been a certain amount assigned for each quadrant’s development. Three of the quadrants had only used about fifty percent of theirs. But the fourth quadrant had already used seventy five percent. And it wasn’t even the quadrant containing downtown.

What was going on there?

Darren focused in more closely on a map of the fourth quadrant.

Mostly wood-bordered living complexes, some already favored by older people, places where one could relax and watch birds and butterflies and not hear too many loud motorcycles.  Some younger people liked them too.

They had already been built with assigned monies and since they were completely subscribed rather quickly, they were all paying for themselves and more, as the pleased managers and landlords reported.

And yet the fourth quadrant was reporting seventy five percent of its developmental monies accounted for. And this even with the collection of taxes and festival monies and…

Darren smartmailed Brenton. “Shortfall in quadreant four that I don’t quite understand. Want to meet with you tomorrow before we call a board meeting.”

Within five minutes, Brenton smartmailed back:  Let’s do lunch tomorrow.  How about Wickersham’s?

Sounds fine, Darren smartmailed back.

He liked Wickersham’s, which was indeed located in the fourth quadrant.

It was quiet and dignified, with two fireplaces, books (the real kind), and tables of crackers, cheeses, cut-up fruits, and little pastries for dessert or a light meal.

Darren gathered up his smartpod and walked slowly back to his four-room ground floor apartment in the third quadrant.