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FatLand for a day and a half

August 14, 2006

I came back Saturday night from the NAAFA Convention.

It was like being in FatLand (and I was thrilled to hear Mary sing a song by Mama Cass that I always loved).  Except for one or two people -and there always will be one or two- I saw no evidence of healthism or self-hatred. What I did see were many proud fat people who welcomed me.

I had one of the happiest times of my life when I gave a poetry-writing workshop entitled “Singing Our Fat Selves.” The response, in terms of enthusiasm and writing, just blew me away. There is so much energy and talent among us!

The idea of a Fat Poets Society was mentioned, and I hope that it will become reality.

On the sad side: didn’t get a chance to get to my old alma mater (Brandeis, nearby) or into Boston or Cambridge at all. The hotel said that their shuttle service did not function on weekends. 

Oh well – the hotel had wonderful bathrooms, and a pool I also didn’t get to…