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Victory (2)??

August 29, 2006

When I went downstairs on the PATH escalator and through the turnstile today on the way to the train, four workers were standing at different points watching from the second floor, the floor above the concourse, and two floors above the ticket and turnstile section, but they were not  standing together. This had never happened before!Thus none of them could converse or make nasty comments!!! And I thought – can it be? Is it possible? Did my letter actually generate this wonderfully peaceful state of affairs? And if so, will it last?


A Victory??

August 28, 2006

Well, it was like this..

I never heard from the Inspector General to whom the letter concerning harassment by PATH workers was directed. Not knowing what to expect, I took another route to work for about two and a half weeks. Then I took PATH again.

Now I don’t know if the high wooden partitions/blinds on top of the stairs had been erected because of my complaint or for some other reason. But there they were! There was no way in heaven or hell that anyone near the stairs now would be able to see anyone walking or taking the escalator down, or buying a ticket! (And thus no one would be able to call anyone names or commit acts of harassment.)

Let’s see if those wooden partitions remain…