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FatLand, Part II: The Early Days

March 31, 2010

It was almost as if they were upset that none of us had diabetes or high cholesterol or heart disease or arthritis. Going even further out on a limb, I would bet that at least one or two of them hoped that some of us would develop them. That way their previous theories and prejudices would hum along nicely, as would their grants from fat-hating foundations.

In a way I was tempted to give my sister and fellow residents a pep talk about perhaps eating their fruits and veggies and getting in a walk every day. But then I thought, well, it’s never been proven that consuming x food or walking y miles actually prevents anything except supposed risks. And wasn’t the point of this “experiment in living” to show that if we just lived without worrying about our weights or lifestyles and went about the routines and pleasures of living, we would simply be living as others do?

And they -or someone, somewhere- had to remember that we are a majority, not a minority, according to the National Health Center, since something like 63 percent of the population of the USA was now “overweight” (overweight for what? over whose weight) or -that oh-so-fearful bugaboo of an expression – obese.

I was so looking forward to that first part of the first segment of the first show, where we would all introduce ourselves and people would get to hear that we were simply ten people who happened to be fat and had virtues, failings, problems, elations, wishes and hopes in our lives just like everyone else.

It was scheduled, Karen told me, for July 4th. How corny could they get?